Injury Management Live Webinar Series

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Here's what you'll learn

The series will help you identify common injuries and how to manage them.

Injuries will be covered in separate webinar sessions.

The webinars will be conducted every alternate week on Sunday from 11am - 2pm.

Course Description

The series of webinars will cover different musculoskeletal disorders such as frozen shoulder, ACL injuries, rotator cuff tears, disc prolapse, and so on. The learning will be facilitated through a deep understanding of the fundamentals. For each injury, the topics covered will include :

1. Anatomy of each joint

2. Basic biomechanics of the joint 

3. Description of the condition

4. Causes of the pathology

5. Clinical features 

6. Screening and assessment 

7. Rehabilitation guidelines of each condition.

8. Exercise Protocols


The following injuries will be included as a part of the series:

1. Frozen Shoulder

2. Rotator Cuff Injuries & It’s rehab (Pre & Post-Surgical Repair)

3. Osteoarthritis Knee

4. Rheumatoid arthritis

5. ACL injury & its Rehabilitation (Pre & Post-Surgical Repair)

6. Chronic Low Back Pain, Types & Rehabilitation

7. Disc Herniations, Types & it's Rehabilitation

8. Cervical Spondylosis & its management

9. Postural issues - Scoliosis, Kyphosis

10.Osteoporosis & its management


The link for each live webinar will be provided to you beforehand. You will also be receiving handouts for important information after each webinar. These notes will be for your reference to help you go over the session conducted. 


About the Facilitator:

Dr. Ismat Khoja

-Physiotherapist, Masters of Community Physiotherapy

-Fellowship in Sports Rehabilitation (Medvarsity, Apollo)

-Fellowship Diploma in Sports Rehabilitation (LASHS, UK)

-Fellowship Diploma in Geriatric Rehabilitation (LASHS, UK)

Course Eligibility

The course is open to all.

No pre-requisites or prior knowledge is necessary.

The Live Webinar Series Fee is INCLUSIVE of applicable taxes and is NON-REFUNDABLE
Course Duration:
12 weeks
Course Cost:
2600 /-
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