7 days to Amazing Lifestyle

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Here's what you'll learn

An art of appreciating and loving yourself in every area of life

An Art of meditation

Building the life-changing habits and tracking them

Breakthrough for productivity in all your tasks

Improvisation in your relationships with family and friends

An abundant and loving lifestyle

Course Description

7 days to Amazing Lifestyle is a Workshop conducted for seven days, focusing on building life-changing habits and keeping track of your goals by just giving one hour to yourself on daily basis.

Seven days to Amazing lifestyle is a beginners workshop focusing on mindfulness.

Often in life we feel stressed, anxious and fill with negative emotions when something goes against our will or thinking about the future, the practice of mindfulness and meditation helps in each and every scenario of life.

Mindfulness is a mental skill; anyone can learn it. It is a way we perceive and experience life. It is a key to peace, happiness and wholeness. There are many ways to practice mindfulness, so everyone can find what works best for them but real change comes with repetition, you need to stick at it.

Though throughout these seven days you will learn something new everyday but at the end of seven days, you will find yourself in completely different person.

The focus will be on "Meditation" and "Building Habits" through various tools and processes which shall be shared everyday.

In your dashboard you shall find :
A guided meditation video
A workbook for Journaling
A Habit Tracker
A Personal tracker fo your daily personal and professional goals

Apart from this, there will be live meditation session almost 5 days in a week everyday at 5am IST, which is highly recommended to join.

There will be Q&A twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I look forward to working with you in this amazing life changing workshop.

Course Eligibility

The course is open to all.

Workshop Fee is INCLUSIVE of applicable taxes and is NON-REFUNDABLE

What’s Included As Part Of Your Course

Online access of course material

The online course material will be accessible once the payment is made and the required documents are approved.

Online Discussion Forum

There’s a discussion forum below the first chapter of your course. In case you face any query, you can post it in the forum and the faculty will get back to you with the answer within 24 hours

Quizzes and End of Course Assessment

Access to quizzes and course end assessment to assess your understanding of the course material. They do not count towards your final score and your grades are not recorded.

Course Duration:
7 days
Course Cost:
750 /-

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